Amul (アムル Amuru?), also known as Amur and Amru, is the main character from Dragon Spirit. Amul is a captain from the kingdom of Mitgult. When Zawell captured princess Alicia to be used as a sacrifice, the goddess Arlia transformed Amul into a Blue Dragon (ブルードラゴン?) to be able to rescue Alicia.

Amul appears in the prologue from Dragon Spirit: The New Legend. After Zawell's defeat, Amul and Alicia married and had twins named Lace and Iris. However, Amul was wounded in the battle against Zawell, and his disease progressively worsened. His fate is unknown.

Other appearancesEdit

Amul appears as a playable character in the game Namco Super Wars, and as a boss in his Blue Dragon form if he had not joined the party in the beginning, joining later after his defeat in stage 10.

He has a cameo appearance as the Blue Dragon in Marvel Land and also appears in Pro Yakyuu Famista 2011. A member from the Namco Stars team is named after him.


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