Angel in Tekken Tag Tournament 2







First Appearance:

Tekken 2

Latest Appearance

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Fighting Style:

Mishima Style Fighting Karate
Angelic Powers



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Angel (エンジェル Enjeru?) is a fictional character who is firstly introduced in Tekken 2.


According to her name, she is good and calm. It said that she tried to save Kazuya's soul from Devil.


Tekken 2 - Tekken Tag TournamentEdit

Angel wears a white robe with leaves on it. She wears a crown that made of leaves in her head.She wears a long pants from hips to her shin. She wears sandals. She has a white huge wings and blue crystal on her forehead.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Edit

Angel wears her original robe from Tekken 2 but she didnt wears her crown anymore. She wears a white long sleeved gloves on her arms and a skirt with long cloth on it. She also wears a belt made of blue diamonds. Her wings are still white.


Tekken 2 (2nd Tournament)Edit

Very little known about her storyline. It said that she tried to save Kazuya's soul from Devil.

Ending Description: Angel is shown sitting on the top of a skycraper. Then, she falls from it with many memories of Devil. After she finally forget everything about Devil, she flies towards the moon.

Other AppearancesEdit

Tekken Tag TournamentEdit

She appears in Tekken Tag Tournament as an unlockable character. She can be selected by pressing start on Devil's character slot. Her striking and grappling moves are same as Devil's.

Ending Description: Angel saw Devil's unconscious body lying on the ground. Then Angle slowly walks and touch his forehead. Then, Devil transforms back to Kazuya. Angel smiles and suddenly gone as Kazuya wakes.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Edit

She appears in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 along with Kunimitsu, Ogre and Michelle as DLC characters. Her moveset is same as Devil Jin's.

Ending Description: On a dark night, Angel is shown fighting Kazuya in his Devil form. When Kazuya shoots her with his lazer, Angel quickly blocks it with her wings, and deflect it back to Devil. Not long after that, Angel's white fur falls on Kazuya's back.

Character RelationshipsEdit

  • Kazuya Mishima/Devil: Arch enemy
  • Devil Jin: Rival