Arcade flyer for Bee Panic

Bee Panic (ビーパニック Bī Panikku?) is a redemption arcade game released by Namco in July 2001.



Arcade cabinet for Bee Panic

The game revolves around players shooting bees in their hive. At the start of the game, players choose which prize they want to play for from a selection of prizes. Then bees appear and disappear randomly in a beehive. When a bee is hit, the player is awarded the points within that particular honey-comb. Players must be careful not to shoot bees carrying negative points, as this will reduce their score. Once the player reaches 500 points, they have a choice to either receive the prize they were playing for, or play a special challenge stage where the bees appear faster and they can win a prize with a higher value. If the player is successful and reaches 800 points in the challenge stage within the time allotted they win a better prize. If they fail in reaching the 800 points they can either stop playing and leave without any prize or coin up and continue at the challenge stage again.

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