Black Dig Dug (ブラックディグダグ?)[1] is a dark version of Taizo Hori (Dig Dug) that appears as an enemy in Dig Dug Arrangement on Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2.

Black Dig Dug's looks like Taizo, but his armor is purple and his helmet has a red horn on it. He has a green drill.

Black Dig Dug has the same abilities as Taizo, including a same device like Taizo's Harpoon-Drill. He can dig in any direction, and if he sees the real Taizo, he'll shoot his drill at him and pump him till he pops. If Taizo shoot his Harpoon-Drill before Black Dig Dug do, a button appeared above them pushing at each other to get through him.



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