BB Table Components

The Table componets for "Bomb Bee"


Bomb Bee (ボムビー Bomu Bī?) is a ball & paddle video game released by Namco, and developed by Toru Iwatani in 1979. The game is a sequel to Gee Bee, which was released in the previous year. The game is known to be almost rarer than Gee Bee, as only 284 cabinets were produced.


Bomb Bee introduces new elements to Gee Bee's gameplay. These include 100 and 1,000 point pop bumpers, extra bricks, and more bonuses, while the major difference is that it is in full color, unlike Gee Bee's cellophane coloring method, however, most it was considered that Galaxian was the first game in history to do so, which is known to be false.

Players again control the two paddles with the rotary knob on the control panel to hit the ball back and forth to hit the colored bricks. Pop bumpers appear above the bricks and can be hit for 10 points. If they are hit constantly, they will turn into 100 point pop bumpers. When the wall of bricks at the very top of the screen is destroyed, a 1,000 point bumper will appear. Hitting it constantly will destroy it and a new set of bricks will appear in it's place.

There are also rollovers that spell NAMCO. If they are all lit up, the player is awarded bonus points and they return to normal, unlit. Spinners also reappear. If the ball is moving very fast, the spinner will turn orange. If the ball goes through the spinner when it's orange, it will slow down the ball.

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