Clay Champ (クレイチャンプ Kurei Chanpu) is an electro-mechanical game released by Namco in June 1979. It is very much like the company's own Shoot Away, and was licensed to Allied Leisure Industries for US manufacturing (later renamed Centari).

Gameplay Edit

Players use the mounted lightguns (which resemble actual shotguns) to shoot the clay targets on-screen. The player only gets two shots to shoot the targets, but can earn bonus points by shooting both targets with one shot or by shooting them right as they appear on-screen. If the player shoots all targets, he or she gets an extended play time; the player can earn another one by shooting all targets during extended time. The game is over if the player fails to shoot all of the clay targets in time, or when the second exntended time ends.

Video Version Edit

In 1979, Allied Leisure Industries released Clay Shoot, which is a video version of Clay Champ. It was never released in Japan, and used video graphics over a background drawing (similar to Namco's Golly! Ghost! )

References Edit

Clay Champ at Namco Archives Ayumi

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