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Cosmo Gang the Puzzle (コズモギャング・ザ・パズル Kozumo Gyangu: Za Pazuru) is a 1992 falling-tile puzzle game released by Namco in Japan only. It runs on Namco NA-1 hardware, and is the sequel to Cosmo Gang the Video, which was released a year earlier in 1991.A special Pac-Man version was released in 1993 as Pac-Attack. The game was ported to the Super Famicom in 1993, and then the Wii Virtual Console in 2009.

Gameplay Edit

Much like other falling-tile games, the player must stack the Containers and Jammers by using the joystick, and using the button to rotate the tiles. A line of Containers will disappear when they make a complete line. If a blue ball appears, it will eliminate any Jammers it comes across until it reaches the bottom, or reaches a dead end. If enough Jammers and Containers are eliminated, a star will appear, which will eliminate any Jammers left on screen. The player can play a two-player mode, where the second player must eliminate a Jammer known as "Pipopapo-Tai", and any large amounts of Jammers eliminated on one player's screen will get moved to the other player's side. The game is over when the Jammers and Containers reach the top of the screen.

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