Dig Dug Island

Dig Dug Island: Minami no Jima no Pukapukapon (ディグダグアイランド-南の島のプクプクポン?) is an online multiplayer PC game based on Dig Dug II that was developed by Vector (Verx) and published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan. Beta testing ended on December 2007 and the service started on May 8, 2008. The server shutdown on April 21, 2009.




The small tropical islands were turned into a desert and glacier. Pookas and Fygars invaded the islands, and the members of the Dig Dug Islander Team have came to wipe out the monsters out.

Create a land.

Invite an islander friend to chat and play in the field.


Dig Dug Island - The closed message

Dig Dug Island closed message

On April 21 2009, Dig Dug Island was shutdown.

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