Golly! Ghost! Japanese arcade flyer.

Golly! Ghost! (ゴーリー!ゴースト! Gōrī! Gōsuto!?) is an electro-mechanical/video game arcade hybrid released by Namco in 1990. It revolves around players shooting ghosts projected on a screen in front of a three-dimensional house diorama to gain a certain amount of points before time runs out.



Arcade cabinet for Golly! Ghost!

Players must use the mounted lightguns (codenamed Zip and Zap) and shoot comical Blue, Yellow, Green and Red Ghosts that invaded a house, each worth 1 point, as well a "bonus characters" like possessed Hamburgers, Footballs, Fires, Flames, Bubbles, Springs, and Jackets, worth 2-5 points, and the Hamburgers to that of Marvel Land's Giant Hamburger enemy. At the end of each scene, a boss will appear. They are, in order, a Boss Bug, a Boss UFO piloted by a Green Ghost, a Boss Big Fire, and a Boss Typhoon formed with several ghosts. When players reach a certain amount of points, the game goes to the next scene. If players fail to get enough points before time runs out, the game ends. After all four scenes are cleared, the ghosts will run away from the house, and the game ends. Players are rewarded based on their scores with tickets, which emerge from a ghost's mouth painted on the cabinet.

Related releasesEdit

A sequel, titled Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2 (バブルトラブル: ゴーリー! ゴースト! 2), was released in 1992 only in Japan. It is themed around sunken treasure, with aquatic creatures like fish and crabs replacing the ghosts (however the ghosts reappear as the bonus characters).

A puzzle PC game titled Golly! Ghosts! Goal! (ゴーリーゴーストゴール?) was released on March 29, 1996.[1]The player moved several colored balls and match them into rows of 5.

Screencast of Golly! Ghost! Goal!



  • Like a few other games, Golly! Ghost! was made into a webcomic by ShiftyLook.
  • There are a few Golly! Ghost! merchandise, including a Green Ghost button, and a Balloon Pop plush. Balloon Pop (バルーンポップ?) is a blue enemy balloon featured in Bubble Trouble.


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