Gcon45 2

The standard grey GunCon. Namco made another version with an orange tip to avoid legal action.

12345 front

The GunCon usually came with the PS1 release of Point Blank, and also came with Time Crisis.

The GunCon (ガンコン, Gankon), known in Europe as the G-Con, is a lightgun controller released in 1994 by Namco for the PlayStation. "GunCon" is a portmanteau of the words "gun" and "controller", and the original guns used lightgun technology (similar to the NES Zapper), while the GunCon 2 and use LED tracking. The GunCon was primarily used for games like Point Blank and Time Crisis, however other games such as Rescue Shot and Extreme Ghostbusters also support the controller. The GunCon 2 was made for the PlayStation 2, with the GunCon 3 for PlayStation 3. The GunCon came with the original Time Crisis, and was repackaged and included Point Blank . A Point Blank 2 and Point Blank 3 version was also made.

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