Kaitei Takara Sagashi Title Screen

Kaitai Takara Sagashi (海底宝探し Kaitai Takara Sagashi), also known as "Undersea Treasure Hunting", is an arcade game originally developed by K. K. Toki as a prototype, and being sold to Namco in 1980. It is the second of three monochromatic arcade games (the first being Navarone and the third being S.O.S), and runs on Namco Warp & Warp hardware with a custom WSG running at 2.048 MHz.

Gameplay Edit

The player 's goal is to collect the 5 treasures from the caches in each level. A level is complete when the player collects all of the treasure. The beginning of each level has the player control a boat on the ocean surface, and pressing the button lowers the diver. The player must avoid the sharks in the water. but can shoot them with harpoons for 30 to 300 points apiece. The diver will be able to move when he touches the bottom of the ocean, and the player must then go to each of the treasure caches and collect the treasure. The player must repeat the process four times before moving on to the next level.

References Edit

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