Wonder Eggs logo and the mascot Pirarisu.

Namco Wonder Eggs (ナムコ・ワンダーエッグ?) is a theme park in Japan. The park was opened in February 1992 in Futakotamagawa, in Setagaya, Tokyo. In July 1996 the park was renewed and reopened as Wonder Eggs 2, and later as Wonder Eggs 3 in 1999. The park was closed down in December 2000 and redevelopment of the site began in Spring 2007. As of 2010 the site of the park remains an apartment complex.


  • Goddess Eruzu
  • Pirarisu - Has four categories based on Roger Caillois' Man, Play and Games:
    • Agon - Competition.
    • Alea - Chance.
    • Mimicry - Simulation.
    • Ilynx - Dizziness.
  • Devil Godot



Entrance of Wonder Eggs 2

Wonder Egg ZoneEdit

Dragon's CastleEdit

  • The Tower of Druaga - A ride attraction where the users try to shot monsters with infrared LED guns. It was moved from the Expo '90 in Osaka to the park alongside Galaxian³.
  • Magical Illusion - House of mirrors. Renovated as "Mirrorna's Psychological Labyrinth" in 1993.
  • Hotel Ghost - Haunted house. Renovated as "Hotel the Hell" in 1995 and "Hotel Murder House ~Zombie Bride~" in 1997.
  • Möbius Creek - A boat tour around the park.

Factory of TimeEdit

  • Galaxian³ - A version of the game Galaxian³ for 28 players. Was moved to the park from the Expo '90 in Osaka.
  • Cyber Station - Game center.

Rapero's MarketEdit

  • Carnival Arcade - A fair with games and stuffed animals.
  • Future Coliseum - Has a type of tag game.
  • "The Fortune-telling Witch's Building" - A skull that answers questions. Was renovated as Wedding Judge in 1997.

Eruzu SquareEdit

  • Raperopter - A vehicle to travel the square.
  • Pirarisu's Carousel - Carousel.
  • Pirarisu Omikuji - Omikuji.
  • The Star Audition - Established in 1996.
  • Wonder Rally - Established in 1998.

Egg Empire ZoneEdit

Dina YolkEdit

  • Fighter Camp

Dina ShellEdit

  • Drift King - Battery kart race.
  • Q-ZAR Arena - A Q-Zar shooter that can have up to 40 participants. Renovated as The Mummy in 1999.
  • Miracle Tours - Simulation theatre. Renamed Fun-house Express in 1999 when the software was changed.
  • Circus Plaza
  • Cyber Station 2 - Game center.


Namco's theme park 'Wonder Eggs' promo video - feature Galaxian³ *extended BIS*03:56

Namco's theme park 'Wonder Eggs' promo video - feature Galaxian³ *extended BIS*

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