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Age It is a mystery
Birthday June 4 (Gemini)
Height 128 cm
Blood type AB
Three sizes It is a mystery
Hobby Solving mysteries
Favorite food It is a mystery
English voice actor Luci Christian
Japanese voice actor Tamaki Nakanishi

Neneko (ねねこ?) is a character from Yumeria, a mysterious girl that wanders around Tomokazu Mikuri's neighborhood looking for mysteries to solve. One day Tomokazu comes across her in the city and she falls in love with him. She only calls Tomokazu "Darling" and wants to marry him. She constantly says the word "it is!" in phrases. She owns a large mallet that weighs 765 kilograms. Neneko houses Neito inside her body. In the dream world Moera she uses an orange fighting suit and can use the attacks Calamity Ripper (カラミティリッパー?) and Super Extreme Tornado Attack (超ごーっつい竜巻攻撃?).


Neito (ネイト?) is a reverse re-incarnating woman from the future that lives in Neneko's body, her previous life. Neito comes out when Neneko sleeps and her eyes become green. In her future both the normal and dream worlds have been destroyed by the Faydooms and there is only a few human survivors, most of them becoming mad. She manages to make her soul travel to the past to help Tomokazu change the future. In the last episode of the anime she uses all her power to help Tomokazu return to Moera and vanishes, but when the world changes after the Faydoom Core's destruction, Neito becomes Neneko's twin and has a small grey cat. Neito is voiced by Mariko Suzuki in Japan and by Tiffany Salinas in the English anime dub.


Koneko (コネコ?) is Neneko's black cat, who only appears in the anime. Koneko seems to understand humans and only says "nono". At first Koneko did not trust Neito, but eventually they become friends. Koneko is voiced by Misato Fukuen in Japan and by Jessica Boone the English dub.

Other appearancesEdit

Neneko appears in the crossover Project × Zone as a support character. When Neneko is called in battle, she attacks with her 765 kg hammer, transforms into her combat uniform and uses her special attacks.

Neito also appears in the game.



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