Sblade2 f

Arcade screenshot of StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet

StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet (スターブレード オペレーションブループラネット Sutāburēdo: Operēshon Buru Puranetto) is a 3D on-rails-shooter arcade game that would have been released by Namco in 2001. It is the sequel to StarBlade, which would've been 10 years before this game. The game would've been featured in Namco's O.R.B.S cabinet that would slide in to a cockpit dome to fully immerse the player.


Namco's O.R.B.S cabinet. It would've been first used in StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet.


Starblade Blue Planet

StarBlade:Operation Blue Planet logo by Namco

The game behaved exactly like StarBlade: but with smoother textures and graphics, new levels and extra dialogue, and a new enhancement to the GeoSword.


The game was completed and playable in 2001, but it never met the expectations from field testing. The game was then cancelled, along with Namco's O.R.B.S cabinet. In 2013, an upgraded O.R.B.S cabinet was discovered, running StarBlade: Operation Blue Planet.[1]



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