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Tank battalion logo by ringostarr39-d5834ah

Logo to Tank Battalion

Tank Battalion (タンクバタリアン Tanku Batarian) is a multi-directional shooter arcade game developed and published by Namco in 1980. It was ported to MSX, and a improved version called Battle City was released for the Famicom and Gameboy in 1985. A sequel, titled Tank Force (or Tank Battalion Arrangement) was released for arcades in 1991. Tank Battalion became a homebrew game in 2014 for the Commodore Vic-20 (as with another Namco game, Cutie Q from 1979). It is a rare game to find, as Pac-Man out-sold it in 1980.


The player controls a yellow tank with the joystick, and fires a bullet with the button. The player is required to shoot 20 blue tanks (similar to the company's Warp & Warp, released in 1981) to complete each round. The player (and tanks) can destroy the brick walls littering the playing field, but can't destroy the green-checkerboard wall around the screen. The player also has to protect the base (marked as an eagle on the playing field) at the bottom of the screen. The player receives a game over if the tanks destroy the base, no matter how many lives the player has left (humorously, the player can also destroy the base, also resulting a game over). The game is also over if the player runs out of lives.

Related ReleasesEdit

In 1985, Namco released an improved version of Tank Battalion named Battle City. It had different levels, improved graphics and sounds, a level editor and co-op play. It was released for the Famicom and Gameboy. The Gameboy version was included with Gameboy ports of Galaga, Mappy, and Namco Classic in Namco Gallery Vol.1. Battle City was re-released into arcades by Nintendo for their V.S System, titled V.S Battle City.

A sequel was released in 1991 under Tank Force which had new elements of gameplay and co-op (much like Battle City). It is sometimes called Tank Battalion Arrangement, as it is very similar to the Arrangement games (mostly with the new elements and better sound and graphics).

In 2014, a programmer named "Beamrider" created a homebrew port of the original Tank Battalion for the Commodore Vic-20.

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