Start:May/1/2013 End: June/19/2013

Tynek Lenard Scene 1: Main Title

Fade in to the game of Baraduke.


Hey everyone, my name Masuyo, Masuyo “Kissy” Tobi.

That nickname Kissy, its sound like drunk, but not me, I’m not

one of them. I’m the member of the UGSF.

I was created by Namco, and I crossover to DigDug and Mr.Driller, in my game, I came to Paccet-Planet, a world full of Paccet’s.

And then I have a friend, Paccet.

In the game while Paccet appeared until the game starts.


I’m your friend.


Yeah, I let him to help me to free all the paccets.

And I was facing off with Octi, he’s the bad guy, oh, and Taiyo used my Paccet as a alien pet.

And here something about my game, Baraduke, known as the Alien Sector.




Cause I blast all the Octi’s squids, and his Body Guards Bosses, I have no Arrangement style while I’m at the Namco Museum.

Before Octi ate me I blast his stomach out, and I defeated the Octi, and whole the Paccet’s was

happy when Octi is defeated.

In the game at the ending.


Otsukare Sama! You destroyed the last enemy. You are a brave man in Paccet Planet.



They ment to say, “a brave person” but no matter.

Onside the computer lab with all the humans.


Whoa./This game is so rock./Totally.


Well 20 through 25 years and 29 through 30 years I stay like that, and the Namco forgot about me, neither the Game Master if one of them didn’t made an engine example for Baraduke in Game Maker program on there computers.

My other of Baraduke II, the U.S never play it before cause its in Japanese version, voice actor of me, can’t exist in the cut scene of Mr.Driller Drill Land, and I really think about everything that looks part of it.

2 Player to play Takky.

I got to say, its because nobody don’t care about me no more.


Inside the Power room.


Alright, now the holograms pods is fully charged.

[After the pods appeared, the game characters will take a break until 5 days.]


Attention, the Hologram pods is now charged.


Well its about time, OK you ghouls the pods were charged.




Back to the future.


This isn’t the future.


I’ll be on my diary.

[Outside room and inside the game.]


Break time.

[After the drillers were getting there clones together.]


Well, living in the DigDug series is kind of a… well you know but, it is what it is.


Good work everyone.



Taizo and the Drillers and the White-Striker, that was us.


And now, they are hanging out of there own home, which is they’re going to take care of there self.


Taizo lived on his own home, our kids have there own home, but not Ataru, he ran away from home, don’t get me started about me, a freak that doesn’t belong here.

The Namco made a story about Mr.Driller, they also made a cut scene like, tales of

The Hori family’s, or should I said, ”How the Hori family’s end up like this?”

Everyone thinks I multiply more species, they’ll haft to wait to

see me who I really was and that, how it goes.

Enter room: Masuyo’s Room.


I do have a roommate who can live with me Takky is her with me, well I got my mate, and my Taizo Doll, I made it myself.

Masuyo enter the dressing board and change into pajamas.


But; I would be onus to myself, I can see Taizo over there.

With Susumu, Ataru , and Taiyo.

Susumu friends, and The White-Striker’s too.

And glad to see him all the time, then Takky put her hand on my shoulder to cheer me up, and I’ll be here with them and….sheesh….Its good to be an Alien Sector.

Enter the Forgotten Speech.


Everyone clap for Masuyo.


Nice story Suyo, and each of us, well the other games were only built, and don’t have any upgrades,


It dose?


Over here; I’m BravoWoman from BravoMan.

27.[Game girls]

Hey BravoWoman


Well the same thing to you Kissy, I do  appeared in the

TV series of Bravoman and I have a Voice Actor too,

If Bravo thinks if his wife with he’s trying let

Waya Hine will terminate me, and now Bravo just put a drug on me for trying to get Waya out of his sight.

29.[Game girls]



And he doesn’t have a wife, but I can’t tell Bravo’s wife name at the ending of the game.

with two children, and it mite be Waya, or maybe not but they’ll know soon.

[Clapping for BravoWoman]


I understand that, but I do know BravoMan doesn’t have more and enough.


Deedee from Dextor!

33.[Game Girls]

Hey Deedee.

34.[Game Girls]

Hey Dee.


I believe what BW is saying, “no one  can put anyone in the program.”


She’s right, no one can send one character in the program.


Yeah, like HoneyWoman didn’t appeared in MegaMan 9.

But I do found this on the ground.

Tobi snatch the picture out of Yumi’s hand.


Whoa, eh, I see, it’s uh, kind alike…


Question Kissy, we do know why you feel down about you life and your game, when enter the Forgotten Speech, and

then tonight; you work through 29 years for now on then, what do know about?


Well, it is obviously to work in 29 years, before next year it will be my 30 Anniversary, but it my early anniversary, 29-30 Anniversary for my game.


Happy 29-30 Anniversary Masuyo.


Thanks Friky.


Uh, its Franky, actually.


Well girls I should tell you this, but I tell you.




What is it?


Tell us.


I would be a driller like them….

And I don’t want to be an Alien Sector no more.

Everyone gasp then Pauline spray a fruit punch and roll just explode.


No no no NO! / Is she out of her mind?!/No way, uh-uh!


Suyo are you nuts.


You can’t quit your game Duke.


Your majesty, your creating a Vendetta Virus.

53.[Amy Rose]

Vendetta Virus, Not allowed.



Vendetta Virus?

No no no I’m not creating a Vendetta Virus c’mon girls, do you Vendetta hates anime...or shipping, or someone quit being a fan, does Vendetta know how popular is anime is.


Most, and a sexual theme.


Kiss, kiss we get everything you said, but we can’t quit our jobs

while each of us is the only one who doesn’t have more series; if there creator forgotten, or died, if the other peoples found the unpublished game, they’ll  give them more series what they can.


Just think about it, the sequel will be there for you.


It’s time for the forgotten motto.


Everybody will say their motto.

59.[Game girls]

We all forgotten, but were the only one, if we never had more series, no matter what,

I can’t force my self, or them.


Alright then, that’s it for now.


C’mon sis, lets head out.


Have a good day.


Hang in there Bara.


Hey Yumi you forgot your wrist.


Huh, oh, got it.

66.[Masuyo Narrator]

Well everyone, this is my story….

But this isn’t the story yet…

If you see everything, this is my upgrades.

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