Albatross and Leila in the Famicom cover of Rolling Thunder.

The World Criminal Police Organization (世界刑事警察機構 Sekai Keiji Keisatsu Kikou?), WCPO for short, is an organization from the Rolling Thunder series.

Rolling ThunderEdit

Rolling Thunder (ローリングサンダー Rōringu Sandā?) is a team of special agents from WCPO. Only three members are known.


Albatross (アルバトロス Arubatorosu?) is the best member from the Rolling Thunder team. When his partner Leila was captured by the secret organization Geldra in the first game, WCPO sent Albatross to rescue her and stop Geldra, killing their leader Maboo. In Rolling Thunder 2 he and Leila investigate the arms merchant Gimdo and stop him.

Leila BlitzEdit

Leila Blitz (レイラ・ブリッツ Reira Burittsu?) is a female agent that was sent to investigate Maboo, but she was captured and tortured by Geldra. Albatross rescued her and destroyed Geldra. Some time later, Leila and Albatross investigate Gimdo to see if he is behind the destruction of the satellites.


Jay is a member from Rolling Thunder introduced in Rolling Thunder 3. While Albatross and Leila were investigating Gimdo, Jay was sent to go after Dread, the second in command of Geldra.


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