Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu
Sandra no Daibōken: Valkyrie to no Deai
Namco Super Wars
Namco × Capcom



Zouna (ゾウナ?) (Known as Malix in Europe) is a major antagonist in the Valkyrie series. Zouna is a demon that was sealed for several years, and got free, bringing chaos to Marvel Land. In Sandra no Daibōken: Valkyrie to no Deai, Kurino Sandra faces Zouna, but succumbs to his power, being changed into a Black Sandra to work for him. In Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu, Valkyrie descents from the sky to defeat Zouna and free Marvel Land from his evil influence.

Other appearancesEdit

Zouna is the third boss from the game Namco Super Wars and one of the major villains in Namco × Capcom.

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